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Hai gaiseee and assalamualaikum. How's life uolls ? Ok not ok ? wish you have a good pretty life kay handsome and pretty ? K good. Hm lama kan tak update blog ni. Lagipun bukannya ada perkara penting pun senanya. Hihokhiks. Gelak cam sia dohh.Okay today 19.2.2013 what a sad day for me. U know ppl you love getting back with his gf ? what do you feel ? Hurt righ ?!! me feel that too. Erm i'm too kiddo to fall in love with stupid love. Ah pls stop blame love eyka. Stop... Love not blind but we blind- someone.

Dear safuan. you know i'm confess to you that i like you .... You know right !! Then you tell me you wanna focus on your study and i'm okay with it. I respect your choice. But now i've heard you getting back with your Ex ....... Do you wanna me hate you till die. Act, i don't know it's true or not i'm just sad and cannot bear it. Oh damn it's hurt me you know. Now i'm hurt twice. Hurgh and i'm think i'm "Serik " with this dumbas love story. Monkey love aite ? wkwkkw. I'm should not blame anyone. And i should forgiveness person. Wow ! My english semua hancur but let it be. Okaylah That's all lah ppls. My mom start nagging means i need to finish all this. Okay gtg. Pray me a good life ok ? Mekacih. me pray for you too eberyones.

Assalamualaikum awak ! :-)